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We are two second year undergraduate students at the University of Birmingham, in England. We're both working towards careers in geoscience and communications. This blog is aiming to promote women in science and show what our life studying geology is like. 


Lucy Southan 

I am a geology student from Wolverhampton, returning to my studies after travelling Australia and Europe. I have a broad range of interests, varying from the evolution of life on Earth to renewable energy and the climate crisis. Initially, I'll be blogging about the research I've been involved with this summer based on stromatolite formation. My career ambitions are to work within the geothermal energy sector and to contribute to the world of science communication. 

Mia Wroe 

I am also a geology student from Yorkshire, in the north of England. I'm interested in pretty much anything to do with geology, particularly structural geology. I am also interesting in coding and programming, and I'm trying to get a lot better at it! I'm determined to go into a PhD after my undergraduate. 

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